Unmedicated Labor & Delivery Vlog: Baby #5

Our baby girl is 13 days old! My cute hubby and I filmed throughout the labor process, and I’m glad we did, because sometimes it feels silly doing it if you don’t know if you’re going to be having baby soon or not! That rollercoaster of “will I be admitted” or not is a rough mental game at that stage of pregnancy! Haha! If you notice on the date stamps, we started filming on the 10th and she was born the 12th! Love my hilarious hubby and the fact that he’s the best birth partner ever!<3 Also, not pictured: Lots of puking. And then a moment of sobbing because the pelvic pain got to be so bad. I was so worried that I would struggle to cope with the pain during labor because it was hard to walk around, but it worked out! More on that later in her birth video/birth story! Also, we ate so frequently because 1: We like food. And 2: Any time I threw up or we were about to go in to get checked, I wanted to be sure to replenish and get some energy for the more intense parts of labor! The whole video I’m beyond exhausted, but I’m grateful for a hubby who can keep me laughing!:) We love this little one!<3



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