Triple Stroller!

I posted this photo on Instagram this morning, and there were a few questions on the stroller in it, so I’ll put the info about it here!:) We’ve had ours for about 3 years, when we had our first set of 3 kids under 2 1/2! It was a complete SAVER of my sanity. I actually felt like I could leave the house by myself since my kids were contained! Haha! It is a little bit heavy, but when you get the hang of opening/closing it, it’s not too bad. It comes as a double stroller, and then you get the TODDLER SEAT to turn it into a triple. Best baby investment ever, especially because we went on to have another set of 3 under 3, and three years later we are still using it!

You can find the stroller: HERE

You can find the Toddler Jump Seat: HERE

I’ve reached out to them to see if they would like to offer a coupon code for you guys, but haven’t heard back yet! I’ll let you know!


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