Stekki Bebe + Disneyland

Adventure in Adventureland! Also, this @stekkibebe wrap is SO handy! Use the code TDP for 15% off their {also waterproof} wraps!👶🏼 Back to jewelry posts soon!😉 Getting away with the family is so much fun! This wrap has saved my booty multiple times. We forgot the jump seat to our triple stroller {working in a coupon code on that one, because it’s A-MAZ-ING for my 4 kids 4 and under! But since we didn’t have it and Disneyland is so much fun and so tiring for the littles, they needed to take turns in the stroller, so I whipped out my Stekki and all was right again. Haha!:) Stekki Bebe for the win. Again!;)



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