Solar Charger + Favorite Blazer

When I asked my hubby if he had seen my solar panel on the way out the door, he legitimately made fun of me! But really, this solar charger that I bought last year has become my favorite invention here on our vacation! Hahaha! Moms know that taking pictures of your kids at Disneyland and doing a quick Periscope can drain your battery, so it was nice to just have this on top of my bag and charging my phone throughout the day! I also get paranoid about having a charged phone in super public places because if we get separated for some reason, I want to be able to call my hubby! Haha!:) Also, as we drove to California, I-15 was closed because of a fire, and my hubby and I want to take a second to thank all of our armed forces who protect us! Thank you!



{Glasses: BB Styled Boutique via}

{Shirt: Lucy and Lyla via Groopdealz}

{Blazer: Coco and Main-Use coco10 for a discount!}

{Backpack: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale}

{Shoes: Click Here.}

{Necklace: The Dainty Pear. This one.}

{Lips: LipSense in Razzberry. Click Here.} {Solar Charger: CLICK HERE!}

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