Bringing back scrunchies with my little babe!:) Haha! I saw these the other day and got a little pitter patter thinking about my scrunchy days. So why not bring them back!? At least once in a while.:) Hahah! Hope you’re having a great week! XO Sarah

Scrunchies I’m digging:

Printed Chiffon Scrunchies: HERE and HERE Velvet Scrunchies: HERE and Velvet ones with Ties: HERE Thermal Fabric Scrunchies: HERE

Pants: From JANE a few weeks ago!:) Shirt: From Bella Ella a couple of Summers ago.:)

Shirt from: Bella Ella Boutique, LLC a couple of summers ago!:) Pants from: Up to 65% off New Deals added every day at! Shop today!

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