Light The World

I haven’t been on Social Media very much this month, and we are a little bit late to the Light The World Advent, but here is Day 8 from our kids!:) Haha! The theme for today is, “Jesus prayed for others and so can you.” One of the prompts on the calendar is to pray for a way to be the answer to someone’s prayer. I’m trying to help my kids be involved with things and wanted to make a little video of their candid answers! I learned a lot, but mainly that my kids have been using prayer as a means to communicate with Santa! Hahaha!:) If you haven’t heard about the Light The World Advent, it’s all about small acts of love and kindness. has videos and a calendar of activities! The Small Seed has also done such a great job with cute ideas! The project stems from, which you can find HERE! XO Sarah the World: Day 8

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