Home Sweet Home

Updated: May 30, 2019

Found this on my camera roll from Sunday. Love this little 2 year old nugget!😍 Also, I promise my living room was probably {maybe😂} clean 5 minutes before this, {remember how @tdptom did that magnificent Saturday night cleaning spree?😂 It’s on my story highlights, because 🔥😉} but Motherhood is constant pillows, “blankies,” and legos allll over the place!:) Hahaha!

Also, below is a list of all the things I’ve been asked about from my stories or picture today!:) Let me know if I’m missing something!<3

XO Sarah

Big Living Room Rug: HERE Matching Kitchen Runner: HERE Kitchen Rug Grip: HERE

Floating Wood Shelves: HERE

Bar Stools: HERE Dress: From Journey 5 via JANE.com {They have new deals every day, but I’ve seen this one come back in stock!} Vacuum: HERE 📷

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