https://storage.googleapis.com/markerly-tracker/tracker.min.js#tracker_id=storytellercam26155&blogger_id=34080 Scrolling through my camera roll and found this one from Baby 5’s blessing day!💕 I tried to put her feet into these same moccasins this week and they were too small!😭 She’s grown so much, which is a blessing because when I was pregnant we had that many months-long scare that she wasn’t growing properly. We met with specialists, did all sorts of testing, and said lots of prayers. I used to be so emotional the bigger my kids got, and I still have those moments, but now I see it a little bit differently and am grateful for the blessing of them growing out of those tiny little Moccs.❤️ #thedaintypear #foreverystep You can shop these moccs HERE.❤️ XO Sarah

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