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Cotton Dresses

Updated: May 29, 2019

I know, I talk about the Texas heat probably way too much {and I’m told it isn’t even hot yet! Hahaha!} I’m definitely not talking about it in a complaining way, but more like an “I’d better figure out my summer clothing game STAT, because all of my wardrobe is based around Utah weather.” Sooo…basically opposite of here!:) Haha!

Here are some AWESOME dresses I found on Jane! They are $14.99 plus shipping, and I obviously bought a few colors. *Insert monkey covering its mouth emoji here.* I was feeling a little bit panicked that I would begin taking after our 2-year-old and start stripping during church when it gets toasty, so I’d say this purchase saved my family from an embarrassing situation.;) Link to purchase below, but heads up, this deal ends in a couple of days!<3 XO Sarah

Dresses: HERE