Baby O’s Birth Story

I thought I would switch it up a little bit today and post a birth story! I love birth and everything about birth! I also love talking about birth, so if you ever want to chat it up about fun birth stuff or have any questions, [I’m not an expert, but can offer anything from my experience that may help!] feel free to message me on Instagram, or e-mail me!:) We had our fourth baby 4 months ago, and my friend Mimi was there to capture it in video and my cousin Val was there to capture photos. I can’t even say how much I love it and the sweet memories that come from watching it and looking at them!:) Even though we’ve had 3 out of our 4 babies unmedicated in the Hospital, this baby was such a unique experience. We had about 10 people in the room, including just my hubby, moms, cousin, sisters, friends, and she was born while I was on my knees, holding on to the back of the bed. There was no doctor in the room, but as soon as I said I was pushing, my family was running out to get someone. My friend from college, who is an RN there, came in and saw that her head was already out and caught her! That part isn’t in the video, [although it looks like something out of National Geographic, haha!] because my bum is in full view, but I love how she edited this!:) *Be sure to click “HD” on the bottom of the video so that it isn’t grainy!:) Thank you so much, Mimi, and also Val from Valory Jean Photography for our birth story Photos, which are such a treasure to us! So, here is Baby O’s Unmedicated Hospital Birth! XO Sarah

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